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Alternative Approaches for Healing

Performing healing within the human energy field is thousands of years old and practiced by many civilizations. It is non-invasive and based on several basic assumptions.

  • The body will heal itself if spirit-mind-body balance is achieved among the energy body, the physical body, the mental body, the emotional body, and the spirit by being cared for holistically.
  • Balancing energy centers [which correspond to organs of the endocrine system] and removing negative imprints in the energy field around the body creates a positive impact in the body and in the psyche.
  • Illness and disease in the body manifest from prolonged imbalance and negativity in the energy field.

At the Healing Arts studio at Laurel Ridge, our energy work addresses the whole body, mind, spirit and nutrition. 

An orientation session offers an introduction to foster understanding of alternative approaches for wellness.

Our energy practitioners offer energy work to balance energy flow among major organs, increase circulation, reduce stress, relieve pain, and promote the body’s natural ability to heal itself.

Energy work may benefit you if you ...

  • Have personal confrontations which leave you with bad vibes you cannot wash off --yourself, your home or your office
  • Are preparing for or have experienced loss of self, relationship, marriage, loved one
  • Live a life of prolonged stress and need to learn how to honor and respect yourself and your body
  • Have experienced physical or emotional trauma and are recovering in body or spirit
  • Are tired of old patterns or addictions which are no longer serving you and are preventing you from moving on
  • Are preparing for or recovering from major surgery and you want to support and accelerate your physical healing process
  • Are working on taking your personal development to the next level but feel "stuck"
  • Desire to eliminate the negative effects of childhood, teen or marriage years
  • Keep repeating mistakes which you cannot seem to change
  • Want to move on from your past history but do not know how
  • Want to be in touch with your spirit guides and guardians
  • Need major organ detox from prolonged abuse or use of pharmaceuticals
  • Want to reprogram your life so that it comes to you with ease and joy

Energy work is not for you if you ...
  • Prefer to address symptoms of your issues with pharmaceuticals
  • Do not believe in angels, archangels, spirit guides or the Divine and the work they do
  • Are not committed to being personally responsible for your own healing & doing homework to achieve it
  • Are looking for the next cool thing or quick fix


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